La Union, pioneer company in application of effective measures for Equality

La Union, pioneer company in application of effective measures for Equality

A new Protocol to prevent sexual harassment has been also applied

La Unión is progressively implementing the measures approved in its first Equality Plan, approved as a result of its commitment to equality within the company. The current workforce is composed of 56% women and 44% men. An Equality Commission, created simultaneously, will determine and verify the implementation and effectiveness of said measures, referred in Article 46 of Spanish Organic Law 3/2007. This work team is made up of legal representatives of the company and the workers. All its members have received the corresponding training with specific courses on gender equality and opportunities. Likewise, the Protocol for prevention of sexual harassment and harassment based on sex that entails measures for the prevention of this type of cases within La Union facilities.

In a first phase of the Plan, which has its horizon in 2021, the Commission will discuss the results of the diagnosis, including a questionnaire made to the staff, on equal opportunities in the company. Conclusions of the study should lead, in a second phase, to implement measures aimed to achieve real and effective equality in the company.

Setting up

In accordance with the legal criteria and the commission initiatives, La Union has implemented the following measures:

  • To raise the staff’s awareness in terms of diversity and equality.
  • Promotion of non-discriminatory selection and the incorporation of women in those areas where their representation is lower, based on the company’s selection procedure.
  • Implementation of the protocol for the prevention of sexual harassment, and moral or mobbing harassment.
  • Support and training our workforce preventing them from becoming victims of gender violence.


Like other innovations for the benefit of the labour conditions, La Union has established that all training courses to be given will take place within the framework of the working day, besides it has been agreed to reduce overtime work, to work in public holidays, as well  as the adaptation of shifts and the reduction of working hours.

Sustained commitment

The Union points out that all the measures initiated, and others to be set, are a testimony of the company commitment to the living and working conditions of its staff.

Naty Contreras Navarro, director of Talent and Development, highlights that “our company tries to reflect what our society is and demands in these times. The quality of life of all of us has a lot to do with our work activity and with all we can do in order to adapt to every personal circumstances”.

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