Our Company

Our vocation as exporters has converted La Unión into the main provider of fruit and vegetables in Europe, being present all over the continent.


Is the guarantee given by our employees and our company


Is in the precision of our work


Is the base from which we are constantly innovating


Is our raison d’être; we strive daily to inspire trust in our clients.

La Unión has grown from a family business, dedicated to the exportation of vegetables, converting itself into a model in of commercialisation of fruit and vegetables. La Unión is proud to be the first company worldwide in cucumber commercialization.

We are aware that the success of our model is due to our close relationship with our clients. Distribution chains, supermarkets and markets transmit the ethos of La Unión to the consumer, bringing our products into the homes of the final consumer.

All this is without forgetting the marketing, advertising and online communication, all our which permit us a more direct relationship with families.

La unión,
an export organisation by vocation.

Currently, La Unión leads the commercialisation of fruit and vegetable products in Europe, with sales of more than 400,000 metric tonnes of produce. Above 70% of this produce is directed at European markets.

The company now has 25 operations centres, distributed between Almería and Granada (Spain), 1000 employees on average and 3 laboratories which carry out more than 45,000 analyses annually.


tonnes of products on the market


tonnes of cucumbers on the market (world leader)


Million euros worth of invoicing


% of produce exported to European markets


workers on average


centres distributed between Almería and Granada


farmers in our network


Hectares GlobalGAP


We are a leading company which works collaboratively with employees, suppliers and customers in a responsible way in order to guarantee a high profitability to our farmers. At the same time, our company offers a product which meets the highest quality and food security standards.


Leading the fruit and vegetable global market, offering innovative products and solutions which will inspire and provide a real added value to our customers.

Our Centres

  • Pol. La Redonda
  • Merpo, Pol. La Redonda
  • Matagorda / Guardias Viejas
  • Cuatro Vientos
  • Gami, Sª Mª Del Águila
  • Fuente Nueva
  • Adra
  • Cuatro Higueras (Adra)
  • Mecina Bombarón

  • Tierras De Almería
  • La Mojonera
  • Pol. Primores (La Mojonera)
  • Cortijos De Marín
  • San Isidro
  • Campohermoso
  • La Cañada
  • La Cañada II
  • Antas

  • Alhama
  • Ruescas
  • Cuevas De Almanzora
  • Rubite / Castillo Baños
  • Castell De Ferro
  • Carchuna
  • Puntalón (Motril)
  • Zafarraya